Identify the Issue

In business we occasionally encounter issues, daily if you are me, which involve cascading steps of increasing drama and discomfort culminating in a final trigger that unleashes a potentially catastrophic set of events.

In a leadership role we are expected to rescue the situation as early as possible, before the drama and discomfort become noticeable, or at least negligible.

How do we negate these issues? Early identification of issues is the key.

As diving is a sport that involves many pieces of equipment in which we place our trust, you are trained very early on to identify any potentials issues before they arise. Constant awareness and vigilance are imperative in diving, as they are in leading, and the ability to spot an issue before it arises or escalates is an important skill.

Want to keep your business safe and identify issues and risks before they arise…well it’s time to ‘Dive for your Life’

Good luck and don’t f**k it up!

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Do you dive like a leader?

How do you dive? Do you lead or do you follow? Or do you not dive at all?

As a dive professional we always dive as leaders unless we are on vacation and then we may dive as a follower. Actually dive professionals are usually the worst followers as they can tend to wander off and do their own thing.

Mostly we are leaders, more aware of our surroundings, what others are doing or rather not doing. We concentrate more situational evaluation, risk management, and verbal and non-verbal communication than most.

How would these skills translate into your business?

Overcoming fears (learning to dive), being more aware of your surroundings, listening to a guide (coach) and taking the opportunity to follow rather than lead all the time is extremely beneficial in business. It gives you insights, understanding and a greater appreciation of your abilities, putting you ahead of others and being a better you.

So I guess it’s time to ‘Dive For Your Life’ and improve your business.

Good luck and don’t f**k it up!

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It’s too quiet

It’s been a long week and Friday has finally arrived. Even if you work in the weekends there is just something about Friday that makes you feel good.

There seems to be a lightness in the air, a spring in peoples steps and a smile on their faces…except when you are travelling in an elevator.

I am not sure what happens when people enter an elevator but as soon as the door opens and you step inside your ability to speak or look anywhere other than the floor, your phone, or the floor number display is denied you.

We just stand there transfixed, averting our gaze and too scared to cough that little tickle out of our throats.

The other place we are so silent is when we dive. Underwater we cant speak but we have the ability to look around, cough if we need to, even sing a little and enjoy the beauty of the biggest aquarium on earth.

So why not take a dive this weekend…as anytime is a great time to ‘Dive For Your Life’

Happy weekend, good luck and don’t f**k it up!

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There is no time like now

As usual on a Monday I am catching up on the things I did not have time for over the weekend because I was diving. Five friends joined me in Bali and we saw some amazing things including the Liberty wreck, manta rays, coral, trigger fish (grumpy) and so much more.

However it was not just about what we saw but the fact that we came together to spend time with each other doing things we love.

Two of the divers had not dived for over 10 years and after a refresher course they keenly entered the water and had the time of their life.

There is no time like now, so take up the challenge and either keep diving, start diving again or learn how to dive. Contact me anytime at jetfinjosh at

Remember now is a good time to Dive for Your Life

Good luck and don’t F**K it up.




A picture paints thousand words

How difficult is it to paint a picture?

It takes years of practice, talent and dedication to become a painter however to become a competent orator takes less time and with a thousand words you can easily describe any picture.

I love to speak…and dive, not paint.

So why not Dive For Your Life

And don’t f**k it up

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Just start

Sometimes we keep waiting for the right moment, the right time, the right piece of equipment, the right call, the right everything…but what if the right thing to do is just to start.

Most startups are the same, they keep waiting for everything to be right…try starting off with what you have and progress from there…but just start.

Oh start diving…because its time to ‘Dive For Your Life’.

Good luck and don’t f**k it up…just start

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Are you doing it right?

Today I have just been through an audit and even though all went well I had that nagging thought of ‘did I do it right’?

Sometimes when we are seeking to improve ourselves we have to be told what we are doing wrong. Don’t take it personally, its just another opportunity to learn to do it the right way…or at least the way that someone else thinks is right.

…and of course if all else fails book a flight to Bali and get ready to ‘Dive For Your Life’

Good luck and if you f**k it up, what does it really matter anyway.

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This wont hurt a bit…

Attendance at a dentist’s practice is not on my list of things to do, but when you have to you have to.

So when I went to get my crown done the other day the conversation went kind of like this.

Doctor: Good afternoon

Me: Yes it is

Doctor: So you know what we are going to be doing today?

Me: Yes, you are going to make me a princess.

Doctor: Oh no, a princess wears a tiara, a queen wears a crown.

Me: Dammit.

Sometimes we may experience pain to achieve a goal, and other times it just happens with ease.

Never give up, because seriously  you too can ‘Dive for your Life’

Good luck and hope it does hurt like f**k

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Learn me

We have an opportunity to learn something new everyday but do we always take the opportunity.

Is it something you want to learn, will it benefit us, do we learn because we have to or do we choose to challenge ourselves?

Learning is one side, teaching is the other. To aid learning the teacher must be able to teach, which is a very different skillset.

Today I learnt never to trust everything you are taught, check it out for yourself, challenge the learning and then do your own research.

If you want, I can teach you to ‘Dive for your Life’

Trust me, I wont f**k it up

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