Are you doing it right?

Today I have just been through an audit and even though all went well I had that nagging thought of ‘did I do it right’? Sometimes when we are seeking to improve ourselves we have to be told what we are doing wrong. Don’t take it personally, its just another opportunity to learn to do it the right way…or […]

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This wont hurt a bit…

Attendance at a dentist’s practice is not on my list of things to do, but when you have to you have to. So when I went to get my crown done the other day the conversation went kind of like this. Doctor: Good afternoon Me: Yes it is Doctor: So you know what we are […]

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Learn me

We have an opportunity to learn something new everyday but do we always take the opportunity. Is it something you want to learn, will it benefit us, do we learn because we have to or do we choose to challenge ourselves? Learning is one side, teaching is the other. To aid learning the teacher must […]

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Life is like…

…passing wind. Its something you have to do, but you can never be guaranteed to the results. So you might as well ‘Dive For Your Life’ Good luck and don’t s**t your pants!

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Vampire Fish

I have been considering becoming a vampire recently however I feel that I would not last very long… I faint at the sight of blood So rather than suck blood, lets suck air and ‘Dive For Your Life’ Good luck and don’t suck it up!

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The bright lights

Bright lights always attract prey. Whether it is the bright lights of the city and the treasures they offer, or the bright lights of the shrimp trawler that attracts the unsuspecting decapod crustaceans. Typically waiting on the other side of the bright light is something a little more sinister than we originally perceived.  Well, its the […]

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Sharks are out there

As the storm approached, news reached us that there would be no ferry for the next 3 days. Upon arriving at the terminal our worst fears were realized, we were about to be stranded on a tropical island, literally. Contacting some locals, we were able to secure passage on a sea taxi however the fare […]

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