Small bubbles

Small bubbles, no troubles

Big bubbles, thats a whole different story.

Are you a leader that is always looking out for the big bubbles? Trying to locate the leak and fix it, or one that looks at the small bubbles and wonders ‘what if’?

It is easy for us to spend so much time fixing the big leaks that we take our eyes off the small bubbles. Where there is a small bubble, one day this will become a big bubble.

Look at some of the processes you complete daily or monthly and identify where there is a perpetual backlog, a stall or a bottleneck that is not critical, or even that serious. Think about if your company size, income or growth doubled overnight, how would that stall point affect how you work, earn or grow?

Yes, identify just one and extrapolate it to the n’th degree and see if that small bubble becomes a big bubble and therefore big trouble.

Keep your eyes on the small bubbles especially when you Dive for Your Life…and you won’t f**k it up!

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