Don’t be afraid

Well thats easy for you to say!

The immobilizing fear that grips you when you are confronted by a spider, stand on the edge of an extremely high building or when you imagine a shark is going to eat you if you ever go near the ocean is real, so real that usually we never confront it.

We just spray spiders, live on the ground floor and lounge on the beach, rather than spend time to analyze those fears and see if they are logical.

Spiders don’t hunt people, the guard rail will stop you from falling and sharks don’t like the taste of people.

So why do we fear them…because somewhere along our journey someone or something showed us they were bad, dangerous and worthy of our fear, But they aren’t, seriously.

In my leadership course “Deep Dive into Leadership’ we closely examine your fears and I work closely with you to overcome many of the fears that you have conditioned yourself to believe for years.

Deep Dive into Leadership is designed specifically for company owners and senior management so please contact me via WhatsApp +601118806743 to see if you are eligible to attend.

Now I reckon not only me, but you as well should ‘Dive for your Life’ … and don’t f**k it up!



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