Hello…can you hear me?

Before faxes there was ‘snail mail’, a letter written, stamp attached and then posted with the person on the other end waiting eagerly for news. It then took time to reply and post that reply to the sender.

Faxes changed that and made communication more instant which then became faster with emails. It was imperative that emails were answered as quickly as possible until instant messaging arrived (IM) and Messenger, WhatsApp, Weibo, etc., became the norm and you could chat in real time.

Over the past few years I have noticed a rapid decline in response rate to those instant messages, to the point where sometimes no reply is forthcoming.

We chat so often to so many that sometimes we just overlook conversations and our attention rapidly shifts to the next message.

When it comes to diving there are no instant messages under the waves and it is important to stay close to your buddy and communicate with them (non-verbally) and obviously elicit a response…so lets get back to real communication, lets go diving.

Don’t send a message as its time to ‘Dive For Your Life’

Good luck and don’t f**k it up

#diveforyourlife #liveeachday #dive #diver #instantmessage #communication

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