Identify the Issue

In business we occasionally encounter issues, daily if you are me, which involve cascading steps of increasing drama and discomfort culminating in a final trigger that unleashes a potentially catastrophic set of events.

In a leadership role we are expected to rescue the situation as early as possible, before the drama and discomfort become noticeable, or at least negligible.

How do we negate these issues? Early identification of issues is the key.

As diving is a sport that involves many pieces of equipment in which we place our trust, you are trained very early on to identify any potentials issues before they arise. Constant awareness and vigilance are imperative in diving, as they are in leading, and the ability to spot an issue before it arises or escalates is an important skill.

Want to keep your business safe and identify issues and risks before they arise…well it’s time to ‘Dive for your Life’

Good luck and don’t f**k it up!

#diveforyourlife #liveeachmoment #dive #diver # #diveleader

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