Do you dive like a leader?

How do you dive? Do you lead or do you follow? Or do you not dive at all?

As a dive professional we always dive as leaders unless we are on vacation and then we may dive as a follower. Actually dive professionals are usually the worst followers as they can tend to wander off and do their own thing.

Mostly we are leaders, more aware of our surroundings, what others are doing or rather not doing. We concentrate more situational evaluation, risk management, and verbal and non-verbal communication than most.

How would these skills translate into your business?

Overcoming fears (learning to dive), being more aware of your surroundings, listening to a guide (coach) and taking the opportunity to follow rather than lead all the time is extremely beneficial in business. It gives you insights, understanding and a greater appreciation of your abilities, putting you ahead of others and being a better you.

So I guess it’s time to ‘Dive For Your Life’ and improve your business.

Good luck and don’t f**k it up!

#diveforyourlife #diver #liveeachday #liveinthemoment #scuba



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