It’s too quiet

It’s been a long week and Friday has finally arrived. Even if you work in the weekends there is just something about Friday that makes you feel good.

There seems to be a lightness in the air, a spring in peoples steps and a smile on their faces…except when you are travelling in an elevator.

I am not sure what happens when people enter an elevator but as soon as the door opens and you step inside your ability to speak or look anywhere other than the floor, your phone, or the floor number display is denied you.

We just stand there transfixed, averting our gaze and too scared to cough that little tickle out of our throats.

The other place we are so silent is when we dive. Underwater we cant speak but we have the ability to look around, cough if we need to, even sing a little and enjoy the beauty of the biggest aquarium on earth.

So why not take a dive this weekend…as anytime is a great time to ‘Dive For Your Life’

Happy weekend, good luck and don’t f**k it up!

#diveforyourlife #lifeeachday #liveforthemoment #dive #divenow


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