Is it yours?

Sitting on a plane last night I looked in my seat pocket and was confused when I was unable to find the menu. Who would have taken the menu off the plane? Surely this is something you don’t need to take home and study.

So I reached over to the other passengers seat pocket and pulled the menu out of there. The woman, listening on her headphones, looked at me like I had just stolen her wallet. I chose to ignore her and started to look through it. Dammit…someone had torn out the middle page where all the good stuff was, still no luck.

Reaching across to the other passengers pocket I was surprised and slightly annoyed to see the other passenger reach towards the pocket as if to deflect my hand. I was already focused and really wanted to know what I was going to order, so again decided to ignore my fellow passenger.

This menu was intact so I made my selection, returned the menu to the other seat pocket and happily ordered my meal as the cart passed me.

I have to ask…just because the menu is in the pocket in front of your seat, is it yours? Do I have to ask you to read it, or is it like in the dentist office where it is supplied for everyone?

Anyway, its time to ‘Dive For Your Life’

Good luck and don’t f**k it up.

#diveforyourlife #airasia #flyinghigh #liveeachday #liveinthemoment


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