What do we learn…

What do we learn…when we train others?

As a trainer with more than 30 years experience I am always humbled when I walk away from a training session with more knowledge than when I entered and well that happens every single time I train.

We train because we know things that we want others know, but in the process we can learn so much. If we are open to what our participants need, if we delve into that they want and find out who they are, we learn to train them better.

So many trainers open their laptops and start to speak without even thinking of who there audience is. They might do the obligatory ‘introduce yourself’ circuit but do they ever take the time to question why someone likes the colour blue, why they like to run or why lasagna is their favorite food.

Next time you train someone in anything, start by learning; learning about their needs, wants and desires and you will both learn so much more.

Its time to train for your Open Water certificate so ‘Dive For Your Life’

Good luck and don’t f**k it up!

#diveforyourlife #diver #trainer #learn #openwater

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