We put a lot of trust in…

We put a lot of trust in…our plastic fantastic.

Whenever we open our wallet, inside there is usually more plastic than cash and as our cash supplies dwindle we expect to be able to our plastic into a machine and it will deliver more cash to us.

But there are a few things to consider:

  1. Do we have enough cash left to take out?
  2. Have we had a scheduled payment come out and think we have more than what we have?
  3. Will the machine be functioning?
  4. Will our card work?
  5. Will the little chip on the card function correctly?
  6. Will the bank allow us to withdraw funds?
  7. Can we remember our PIN number?

How much control do we really have over the money we have in the bank? It could all end in a moment if our plastic fails…

Anyway when you go diving you usually pay cash, so make sure you withdraw enough before starting your dive holiday.

Get cashed up because its time to ‘Dive For Your Life’

Good luck at the ATM, and don’t f**k it up!

#diving #diveforyourlife #plasticfantastic #diver #atm

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