We put a lot of trust in…

…the weather forecaster

Open an app, switch on the radio or TV or just a look out the window and you will know what is going to happen with the weather today.

The forecaster generally has an accurate predication of what is expected for the coming few hours, day or even week, but how often do they get it wrong.

Weather forecasting is the application of science and technology to predict an outcome. Forecasting helps us to plan, to take an umbrella or coat, but our instincts are keener than science or technology.

The same with diving sometimes we can get it wrong. Trust you gut, if something doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t, so don’t risk it.

Make sure you have good weather because its time to

‘Dive For Your Life’

Good luck and don’t f**k it up


#diveforyourlife #diveblog #dive #diver #scubadiver

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