We put a lot of trust in…

…our Instructor

… we work hard for our holiday and somewhere deep inside us we want a challenge, an adrenalin rush, we want to do something different and we are excited.

Just like sky-diving, bungee-jumping or water skiing we psyche ourselves up for the challenge that lays ahead.

We face a few fears such as not being 100% comfortable in water, having to breathe underwater and come to terms with the myriad of creatures we will encounter under the waves.

…and then we end up with an instructor that basically couldn’t give a f**k. Sadly I have met some of these people. Typically in the industry too long, lost the passion and drive that they used to have, are control freaks and basically boring and miserable peeps.

Well thankfully there are so many amazing instructors out there who are passionate about what they do and they will make your experience worthwhile and immensely memorable.

You are the one parting with your hard-earned cash…demand the best experience you can from your instructor…if not…ask for another one!

Instructors make a pittance compared to most industries so when you find a great one, hug them, take a selfie, tell your friends and treat them with care and kindness.

We will love you for it.

Here’s me getting a hug and a selfie from my student…

Remember it’s time to ‘Dive For Your Life’ and choose and instructor

Good luck and don’t f**k it up

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