We put a lot of trust in…

…our tyres

Typically full of air, our tyres provide us with a comfy ride, they grip the road when cornering and help us to stop when we apply the brakes.

The smallest of holes can leave your tyre flat, loss of tread can lead to skidding and poor control when you break.

Our self-confidence is like a tyre. When we are feeling great typically we are pumped up just like a tyre but if our self-confidence suffers a small hole it can eventually leave us flat and non-responsive.

Overcoming a fear such as learning to scuba dive can quickly mend that hole and get you back to the inflated person you were before.

Get pumped up because its time to ‘Dive For Your Life’

Good luck and don’t f**k it up

#diveforyourlife #diveblog #dive #diver #scubadiver

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