Planning to Lead

What factors do you use to plan?

As a Dive Professional making sure people are safe is my first priority.

Dive safety is primarily a function of four factors: the environment, equipment, individual diver performance and dive team performance.

The water is a harsh and alien environment which can impose severe physical and psychological stress on a diver, so a competent, skilled and forwarding planning leader is imperative on any dive.

How does this relate to leadership? Well lets change a couple of words

Leadership is primarily a function of four factors: the environment, equipment, individual diver performance and dive team performance.

The water workplace is a harsh and alien environment which can impose severe physical and psychological stress on a diver leader, so a competent, skilled and forwarding planning leader is imperative on any dive in any organisation.

To be a diver is to be a leader.

So its time to Plan like a true Leader and Dive For Your Life . Good luck and don’t f**k it up.

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The Leadership Challenge

As a challenging sport, diving forces us to engage in problem/solution thinking while in an environment that disputes our brains logic (breathing underwater), excites our senses (adrenaline rush) and dares us to face our fears (galeophobia).

As leaders we are confronted with new experiences everyday and we never know what will be asked, how we will be asked, or even where and when the question will be fielded. An identifiable area of improvement.

Leadership thrives on new experiences; experiences which challenge us and provide us with the opportunity to engage our problem/solution thinking…so let’s throw learning to dive in the mix as well, and improve our leadership skills at the same time.

Its time to lead and Dive For Your Life.

Good luck and don’t f**k it up!

Check out my ‘Deep Dive Into Leadership’ course or message me for more info.

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Dive, Lead, Scream!

I used to be afraid of deep water and even scared of fish, what I hear you ask, really?

Yes, its true, yet today, after 1000’s of dives, students, adventures and thrills I no longer feel apprehensive. This is a lot like be a leader, when you first start it can be tricky, just like your first breaths under water.

Once you realise you are not going to drown, it easier to focus and concentrate on the job at hand.

Its time to ‘Lead for your Life’ … good luck and don’t f**k it up.

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I run 5 Leadership Courses that encompass diving and leadership skills. For me info please message me +601118806743

Discover Leadership

So I did a Wiki search to see what leadership is all about…

Leadership is both a research area and a practical skill encompassing the ability of an individual or organization to “lead” or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations.

So now I have discovered what leadership is (well i actually kinda knew that), I want to discover more about how ‘diving’ influences us as leaders.

I have asked a group of people to come and ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ for 3 hours and will continue my research with this association as well as provide practical skills to my recruits.

All new experiences open our minds and stretch it to a place we have not been before, a place where from we will never return.

Its time to ‘Dive For Your Life’

Discover what leadership is…and don’t f**k it up!

Leadership and Diving – An Introduction

Welcome to 2018; resolutions are made, friends are cheered, hundreds of FB and WhatsApp messages answered and its time to start 2018 off right, or left if you are so inclined.

Another year of exciting adventures, cultivation of a positive attitude and the creation of amazing memories, a few right decisions and enough money to make it through to 2019. Plan complete, or is it? Where is the personal development, the investment in you, apart from waistline, fillers and a cosmetic smile.

As a Leadership Coach/Lecturer people ask me how my diving is applicable when it comes to teaching leadership. Sometime I even ask myself, but i try and not answer as talking to yourself is still frowned upon.

Well over the next few weeks I will provide some examples of this and see if you agree, and if you don’t then please let me know, and if you stop reading my posts then I will be back to 1 reader, so I hope what I say speaks to you.

My first example is simple…listening.

Not the listening where you just nod and smile, prepare your answer while they are still talking and wait for the other person to take a breath.

No, the listening where you take notes, you paraphrase back and even, yes I know heaven forbid, ask more questions. Well it is New Year and this seems like a great resolution.

I know you have heard this before and basically it comes back to, nice idea BUT, I am too busy and really…what’s in it for me.

Each day, as a leader, you are expected to make decisions, from simple to critical, to ensure the livelihood of the business, your employment and your future, however how much do you truly listen to indicators to make a better decision. Make your life easy…give this listening thing a go.

If I had not listened to my mother when I was young I will still not make my bed every morning, so do you treat conversations as just white noise, distractions and possibly a little longwinded for my attention span.

When you attend my ‘Deep Dive into Leadership’ course you will be trained to listen, (yes thats right it’s a skill). You will learn to listen attentively and actively to ensure you are fully informed before making decisions.

What’s in it for you I hear you ask…simple…here are 7 examples:

  • You learn new things
  • You become more imaginative
  • You make better decisions
  • You gain more empathy
  • You gain new friends and interests
  • You gain greater trust as a leader
  • You improve self esteem and self confidence

So its time to ‘Dive For Your Life’ and join my 5 day ‘Deep Dive Into Leadership’ program.

Think of it as the best New Year resolution you have EVER made.

Make 2018 incredible and don’t f**k it up.

Contact +601118806743 or josh (at) Happy bubbles



Miss Scuba Malaysia 2017

Saving Oceans Through Beauty…

One of Malaysia’s most stunning talents, Rachell Ho, has been handpicked to be the next Miss Scuba Malaysia 2017 and yours truly has been handpicked to be her Open Water Instructor.

Her enthusiasm is palpable and her focus to become the next Miss Scuba International is unwavering. How this pleases an old dive instructor to see the determination in her eyes and feel the passion in her heart to make a difference to our oceans.

Learning to dive is only part of the requirements, the main one is being an Ambassador for our oceans and an advocate for environmental change.

This has made me ask the question…what have I done lately to change?

We experience a daily struggle to be different yet find it easier to sink back into our comfort zone, put on our slippers, grab a drink, breathe a deep satisfying sigh and watch the world go about it’s business.

Today, take the opportunity to be different, accept the challenge that is presented to you, raise your hand when asked to do something or sit on the other end of the sofa tonight. Consciously do something different…just because you can.

Or why not just ‘Dive For Your Life’ and when you do make sure you don’t f**k it up!

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Small bubbles

Small bubbles, no troubles

Big bubbles, thats a whole different story.

Are you a leader that is always looking out for the big bubbles? Trying to locate the leak and fix it, or one that looks at the small bubbles and wonders ‘what if’?

It is easy for us to spend so much time fixing the big leaks that we take our eyes off the small bubbles. Where there is a small bubble, one day this will become a big bubble.

Look at some of the processes you complete daily or monthly and identify where there is a perpetual backlog, a stall or a bottleneck that is not critical, or even that serious. Think about if your company size, income or growth doubled overnight, how would that stall point affect how you work, earn or grow?

Yes, identify just one and extrapolate it to the n’th degree and see if that small bubble becomes a big bubble and therefore big trouble.

Keep your eyes on the small bubbles especially when you Dive for Your Life…and you won’t f**k it up!

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Don’t be afraid

Well thats easy for you to say!

The immobilizing fear that grips you when you are confronted by a spider, stand on the edge of an extremely high building or when you imagine a shark is going to eat you if you ever go near the ocean is real, so real that usually we never confront it.

We just spray spiders, live on the ground floor and lounge on the beach, rather than spend time to analyze those fears and see if they are logical.

Spiders don’t hunt people, the guard rail will stop you from falling and sharks don’t like the taste of people.

So why do we fear them…because somewhere along our journey someone or something showed us they were bad, dangerous and worthy of our fear, But they aren’t, seriously.

In my leadership course “Deep Dive into Leadership’ we closely examine your fears and I work closely with you to overcome many of the fears that you have conditioned yourself to believe for years.

Deep Dive into Leadership is designed specifically for company owners and senior management so please contact me via WhatsApp +601118806743 to see if you are eligible to attend.

Now I reckon not only me, but you as well should ‘Dive for your Life’ … and don’t f**k it up!



Hello…can you hear me?

Before faxes there was ‘snail mail’, a letter written, stamp attached and then posted with the person on the other end waiting eagerly for news. It then took time to reply and post that reply to the sender.

Faxes changed that and made communication more instant which then became faster with emails. It was imperative that emails were answered as quickly as possible until instant messaging arrived (IM) and Messenger, WhatsApp, Weibo, etc., became the norm and you could chat in real time.

Over the past few years I have noticed a rapid decline in response rate to those instant messages, to the point where sometimes no reply is forthcoming.

We chat so often to so many that sometimes we just overlook conversations and our attention rapidly shifts to the next message.

When it comes to diving there are no instant messages under the waves and it is important to stay close to your buddy and communicate with them (non-verbally) and obviously elicit a response…so lets get back to real communication, lets go diving.

Don’t send a message as its time to ‘Dive For Your Life’

Good luck and don’t f**k it up

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