Hello…can you hear me?

Before faxes there was ‘snail mail’, a letter written, stamp attached and then posted with the person on the other end waiting eagerly for news. It then took time to reply and post that reply to the sender. Faxes changed that and made communication more instant which then became faster with emails. It was imperative […]

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Identify the Issue

In business we occasionally encounter issues, daily if you are me, which¬†involve cascading steps of increasing drama and discomfort culminating in a final trigger that unleashes a potentially catastrophic set of events. In a leadership role we are expected to rescue the situation as early as possible, before the drama and discomfort become noticeable, or […]

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Do you dive like a leader?

How do you dive? Do you lead or do you follow? Or do you not dive at all? As a dive professional we always dive as leaders unless we are on vacation and then we may dive as a follower. Actually dive professionals are usually the worst followers as they can tend to wander off […]

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It’s too quiet

It’s been a long week and Friday has finally arrived. Even if you work in the weekends there is just something about Friday that makes you feel good. There seems to be a lightness in the air, a spring in peoples steps and a smile on their faces…except when you are travelling in an elevator. […]

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There is no time like now

As usual on a Monday I am catching up on the things I did not have time for over the weekend because I was diving.¬†Five friends joined me in Bali and we saw some amazing things including the Liberty wreck, manta rays, coral, trigger fish (grumpy) and so much more. However it was not just […]

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Just start

Sometimes we keep waiting for the right moment, the right time, the right piece of equipment, the right call, the right everything…but what if the right thing to do is just to start. Most startups are the same, they keep waiting for everything to be right…try starting off with what you have and progress from […]

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